The Nature of Things

It all began with a love of nature and travel.

Benoit Nicol, the founder of The Nature of Things, is a perfume and aromatherapy expert. With over 20 years experience in the world of essential oils, working directly for two of the most renowned distillers, his team has built a vast network of essential oil suppliers. 

The Nature of Things takes its name from the 2,000 year old book ‘De Rerum Natura’ – On the Nature of Things, by Roman poet Lucretius. The book explores epicurean philosophy and the belief that everything in nature can be explained by natural laws, and that happiness can be found by living a simple life, surrounded with friends and in harmony with nature.

The Nature of Things only sources from producers who have genuine passion for distilling top quality oils and a proven record of sustainable practices. This has given chance to these dedicated producers to work hand in hand with their communities to protect the environment and support their local economies.