The Nature of Things: SOURCING

A strong experience in sourcing essential oils 

With over 20 years experience in the world of essential oils, working directly for two of the most renowned distillers, we have built a vast network of essential oil suppliers that make it easier sourcing our oils.


Geranium harvest in Egypt

(photo by Gregoire Mahler, courtesy of IFF-LMR)


We source our oils from all corners of the world: Atlas Cedar from Morocco, Eucalyptus from Spain, Frankincense from Somaliland, Geranium from Egypt, Ginger and Ylang Ylang from Madagascar, Lavender and Clary Sage from France, Lemon and Orange from Italy, Peppermint from the USA, Rosemary from Tunisia, Tea Tree from Australia and Vetiver from Haiti.

Source: The Nature of Things